Are you winning your inner game?


How are you doing?  Like really doing?



I’m hearing so much stuff about people having huge re-thinks following all this stuff that’s gone on over the last 18 months.

People quitting jobs and relationships, starting businesses but feeling frazzled and burned out….yet desperately wanting more from work and life without feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

So I’ve decided to create an e-newsletter to bring you a weekly digest of insights you can put into action so that you can raise the bar on your own personal performance but without burning yourself out – should you choose to of course.

It’s stuff I’ve been researching, watching, reading, listening to AND applying to improve my own personal performance and life. And it’s also been enabling my clients to do the same.

Plus by giving you a precis, I hope that you can put this into action without having to spend too many hours yourself finding this stuff.

If you’d like a copy of my weekly e-newsletter just fill in the contact form here with a messaging saying e-newsletter and I’ll add you to my list

In the meantime here’s some stuff that I’ve found useful and hope you do too:



What I’ve been watching

Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In on Amazon Prime

Winning: ‘It’s all about character, discipline, conviction and believing in yourself… Winning is based on your attitude to failure and treating losing as part of the progress.’

Considered one of the greatest football managers of all time, Ferguson didn’t have the best of starts as Manchester United’s Manager, but he oversaw unprecedented success at the club.  I was so inspired watching this. There’s so much to take personally and professionally from this film as Sir Alex recounts details of his life and career whilst recovering from a brain haemorrhage.  5 stars from me.


What I’ve been listening to

The High Performance Podcast with Jake Humphrey and Prof Damian Hughes

A glimpse into the lives of high-achieving and successful individuals from the fields of sport, music, business, arts and entertainment who share their experiences. Plus their non-negotiable behaviours. At the start of each episode, the guest is asked ‘What is high performance?’ Nobody gives the same definition twice.

I’m also excited that I recently interviewed Prof Damian Hughes for my own podcast Mojo Matters and asked him the same question.  Look out for the episode due to be released in the next couple of weeks.


What I’ve been reading

Your Brain at Work – Know your Brain, Transform your Performance by co-founder and CEO of the NeuroLeadership Institute, Dr David Rock.

His work has informed much of my own work coaching entrepreneurs, business leaders and professionals to help them achieve a winning mindset and high performance without burning themselves out.

So many answers are in the neuroscience. Because, in my view, the biggest limitation and constraint for most of us is our own brain and the way we’ve hardwired our neural connections based on what we’ve seen, heard and experienced.

Once you understand this, you can use the same science to drive change in the brain and improve your own performance and well-being. It’s something I bring to my clients with my Neurosculpting® practice – helping them to rewire their brain for peak performance and success. Reach out to me and ask me how.



What I’ve been recording

I spoke to the awesome Helen Richardson-Crespo about how when you win your inner game you make big stuff happen.  For me, your inner game is the most important foundation for success. It’s about believing in yourself. Inhibiting all the stuff that will hold you back – that inner voice and chit chat that tells you that you can’t do stuff.  Being able to emotionally regulate and not freak out so that you can navigate obstacles and set backs without holding back. Give it a listen, you’ll find some great tips on here from Helen.



What I’ve been speaking about

How Frankenstein hijacks your inner Einstein genius and can burn you out when you’re working in a demanding environment like sales and recruitment. Plus how to harness your mojo and motivation to win. I was invited to guest on Steve Guest’s The Guest List Podcast. You can listen here or watch on You Tube here.



What can you take from all of this and put into action?

The key theme here is winning. For me winning is a state of mind. It’s about performing consistently to your own highest abilities, overcoming fears and set-backs, pushing through limitations (usually self-imposed ones) and having the courage, confidence, conviction and self-belief to turn your dreams into a reality.



Things that you can do to win:

1.Get really clear on the outcome and result you’d like to achieve

2.Adopt the belief or beliefs you’ll need to achieve it

  1. Notice when your inner critic or Frankenstein is holding you back
  2. Learn techniques to calm your inner critic and flip it
  3. Take consistent action. Even if it’s just one step at a time.
  4. There’s no such thing as failure. Set-backs are for comebacks. Pick yourself up, learn from it and go again!



If you’re struggling to find your edge at the moment but know you’re made for big stuff and need some help making it happen, you may want to watch my FREE on demand Masterclass here.

Plus there’s a bonus at the end for you to take advantage of…. So watch it all the way through.

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