Are you willing to give up being a caterpillar?


By Jo Britton


People usually hire me as their coach when they want to make some changes in their life or in their business.

For that change to happen, something needs to change. And usually that’s ourselves.


We may need to let got of something, work on our mindset, change beliefs that limit us, upgrade our emotional skills, learn new things, start new habits or give something up that’s not serving us well.


During lockdown, we’ve all been experiencing huge change. I’ll admit, it’s been hard going for me.

But one of the benefits of being at home is that I’ve been lucky enough to spend more time in my garden.

Here I’ve been taking inspiration from nature, particularly the graceful butterflies.

The butterfly’s metamorphosis ha been a great reminder for me.


If you want to fly, you’ve got to be willing to give up being a caterpillar. And that means change.


Change requires growth for which we need fuel.  Just like the caterpillar fills up on leaves to make its transition, we can fuel up by upgrading our emotional management skills and knowledge.


Change is uncomfortable. We may struggle. But strength comes from struggle.  The butterfly’s struggle to break through its cocoon is necessary to strengthen its wings in order to fly.


I love this excerpt from ‘Hope for the Flowers’ by Trina Paulus which seems to sum this up so well:

When she heard the word butterfly, her whole insides leapt.  ”But what is a butterfly?”

The cocooned caterpillar explained: ”It’s what you are meant to become.”

‘Yellow’ was intrigued, but a bit defiant.

”How can I believe there’s a butterfly inside you or me, when I all see is a fuzzy worm?”

On further reflection she pensively asked,

”How does one become a butterfly?”

”You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.”

”It’s what you’re meant to become.”


If you’re yearning to become the butterfly you’re meant to be and need a bit of extra support, find out more about how our coaching programmes can help.


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