My Mojo Mission


By Jo Britton

30 October 2020



Will you join me on my Mojo Mission?



As we navigate the unpredictability of these chaotic times, I’ve decided to go on a mission.



To help people around the world find their mojo and sustain it. It’s an ambitious mission. And if I’m honest, I don’t really know where to begin or whether I’ll achieve it.



But this really matters to me. A lot. And if there’s one thing I know as a coach, setting a big, hairy, audacious, goal (BHAG) – or a challenge that’s so outside the box (think putting a man on the moon type) helps you open up your thinking and can create a sense of urgency.  And let’s face it, right now that’s the kind of approach the world needs to get out of this pickle.



Because what we’re seeing as we live through this global pandemic is a global stress response across the world.



Every day there’s something new or scary we need to cope with or adapt to at a moment’s notice – whether that’s local lock downs happening over night (or the impending anticipation of a national lock down again), or whether we’ll get to experience Christmas with our families.



Or maybe  we’re experiencing mass changes and restructures in the workplace, the threat or even unfortunate experience of redundancy, the financial worry if our industry has been shut down, the juggling of family and work life, trying to find new ways to generate income for our businessess or protect them from this unpredictable chaos. And for so many trying to cope with long periods of isolation.



And what’s the effect of this?



It’s having a profound effect on our nervous systems. Throwing them into an unsustainable state of dysregulation.  And for many of us, it’s affecting our Mojo and we may be staring at the dregs of an empty mojo cup.



We may be lacking enthusiasm or energy and motivation, maybe our thinking is foggy or perhaps we’re feeling agitated, angry or frustrated.



And this was me back in March 2020.  You can read more about my experience here and what I did to help myself bounce back.



So when this happens, neurologically, it becomes impossible to think positively, productively and to find solutions which will help us cope better with daily life and get us out of this global mess.



And we’re seeing this play out in our society every single day. The trolling on some social media channels (granted this isn’t a new thing but we are seeing this at more heightened levels), tension and exhaustion in work places, arguments in the home, anxiety, worry, withdrawal and depression.



The politicians appearing to react – not with a sense of thought through logic but with a sense of knee jerk, panic. Sorry I know it’s a really tough job and we’re experiencing something we’ve never experienced in our life time at such large scale but it does feel to me that there’s a lack of listening, connection, collaboration and community. Stuff that’s needed to inform decision-making and solutions right now. And to take people with you.



And I truly believe that it will be connection, collaboration and community with a tonne of mojo spirit that will help us get through this in a way that will serve us, serve our future generations and our planet for a better future.



And it’s easy sometimes to sit back and think this is somebody else’s problem to solve.  Or what can I possibly do as one human being on a planet of 7.8bn people?



But what I do know is that so many of the most amazing things that we have today, the fantastic experiences that we’ve been so used to having and that we take for granted have started with one person on the planet.



One person with passion, purpose, energy, enthusiasm. One person who has faced challenges and obstacles but kept going.  One person that overcame set backs and that found ways to motivate themselves when they just felt like giving up. One person that encapsulates what mojo spirit means to me.



So what is your mojo? Why does it matter? How do you find it? How do you keep it? And if you’ve lost it, how do you get it back? Mojo sounds a really frivolous term doesn’t it?



I always used to giggle when I heard the mojo. You may too if you’ve watched the Austin Powers movies. Afterall, mojo is what gives him his legendary sexual prowess.



If you google the term, you’ll find loads of different definitions. A magical charm or spell, slang for your libido, your power to attract people. So let’s clear up a few definitions.



My definition of mojo is your energy, your enthusiasm, your motivation, your confidence and your ability to bounce back from set backs. So that you can take productive action, calmly, consistently and persistently without freaking out and burning out.



Mojo is the state I believe we need to be living in right now (despite how horrible it is) so that we can navigate this storm constructively and productively.



So I’m starting from this premise.



I’ve decided I want to do my bit and help as many people as I can to navigate this chaos in a more calm and productive way. I want people to find their mojo. I want this to be my legacy.



Because we get so little time on this planet. I’ve been running my Find your Mojo in 14 Days Challenge and it’s been getting game changing and life changing results for many. But that’s not enough. I need to do more. And to a bigger scale.



So, this is day one of my mojo mission.



I’ve decided to keep myself accountable by documenting the journey on social media platforms. And I mainly hang out on Instagram @jobritton.mojo if you want to follow along and join me in my mission to create a movement that will help the world be a better place both now and in the years to come.



Or if you’d prefer to start by Find your Mojo, you can join me and others in my Find your Mojo in 14 Days Challenge starting again soon.


More details here 

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