Procrastination: the enemy of progress



How I spent my time when I had loads to do





















Then spending the evening feeling guilty. ☹️ 



Does this resonate with you?


Research says that procrastinators suffer higher levels of stress, insomnia, immune system and gastrointestinal problems.


We procrastinate for different reasons:


1.Thrill seeking – the rush we get when leaving something til the last minute

2.Fear of success, failure or being judged

3.Struggling to make a decision



Whenever I am procrastinating I do these things:


✅ Ask myself what I’m afraid of and work on that fear


Prioritise 3 things I’ll do today


Allocate time to complete each task


Do one task at a time, ticking it off my list before moving to the next


Reward myself when I’ve completed my list




Is procrastination getting in the way of your progress? Need help?


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