PACE for business development professionals

Are you missing sales targets? Struggling with lead generation, unqualified leads and pipeline development? Are there too many lost opportunities? Maybe you’re losing out to competitors?

Our coaching can help you achieve even better results, faster and more productively, so that you can:

• Align actions and behaviours to sales goals
• Focus on the parts of the sales cycle that will make the biggest difference
• Create the right communities and networks from which to build pipeline and opportunities
• Enhance rapport and conversation skills
• Motivate yourself and others to be successful
• Achieve targets and make more money


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One on One:

"The coaching with Jo really helped me drill down and focus on the things I wanted to change. With her support, I achieved pretty much every goal I wanted to achieve and am confident of hitting my increased sales target. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the coaching sessions but I was open to trying something new and I’m so glad I did. I think anyone would benefit from taking a step back, just evaluating what direction they’re going in, where the challenges are and how they will overcome them. When we first spoke Jo said coaching changed her life. Now I get it."

Louise, Business Development Manager