PACE for leadership

As leaders we consistently face the same challenges

• Mobilising change – managing and leading change, overcoming resistance and reactions
• Team leadership – leading and developing effective and successful teams
• Inspiring others – to buy into our vision and go the extra mile
• Being an effective manager – the ability to think strategically, make confident decisions, delegate successfully, prioritise our work and time productively
• Managing stakeholders – our own image, internal politics, getting buy-in from others, relationships – upwards, downwards and sideways


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One on One:

"The coaching was a huge help for me to develop greater self-awareness and deal with the pressures I sometimes feel. I wanted to work on building my resilience, improving team relationships and communications. I have benefited from the coaching by coming away with some enhanced skills and techniques that I can apply day to day job as a manager and leader."

Martin, Head of Legal Services