PACE for finding your edge

Making your big stuff happen without holding back and burning out

Know you're built for big stuff inside you and can't quite make it happen....?

E = Elevate your thinking, gain clarity and confidence

D = Define and develop your A Game plan

G = Galvanise your strengths and talents – the ones you know about and the ones  you don’t

E = Execute for high performance and impact without holding back


This is my coaching framework which is helping my clients to achieve the big stuff we’re made for and to optimise their performance without holding back and without burning out.

It’s helped

  • Sasha to generate £50k of sales in her start up business in just four months.
  • Paul to have his first £100k week in his business.
  • Helen to get 3 promotions at work and achieve her financial and personal goals in the last 6 months

Through my EDGE coaching framework I’ll walk by your side and challenge you in supportive way to unblock the unhelpful neuro patterns that can become the road blocks to the results you truly deserve. Helping you to unlock the talents, skills and strengths you have. And giving you some one to talk to without blame, shame or judgement. Plus keep you accountable.

Over the course of your sessions, we will use my EDGE framework and MOJO method of achieving results which have been developed using evidence based coaching techniques and which leverage the neuroscience and neurobiology which is unique to each of us as human beings.

Want to know more about how together we can make your big stuff happen?

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One on One:

"Jo coached me on issues in both my professional and personal life. She built rapport well and I quickly trusted her. This meant I could be very open in the coaching session. It helped me think about different aspects of my life and myself that I wouldn’t normally focus on. I felt Jo truly believed in me and this helped me gain confidence. I really enjoyed the sessions and felt empowered to make progress."

Karen, Managing Consultant and Mum