Turning stress into success in just 14 days


Turning stress into success in just 14 days

By Jo Britton


When the pandemic struck Artist and founder of CreativeH, Helen Dowley, decided to use the time to do more of what she loves – creating art. With a love of colour and a passion for how colour can affect mind and mood, she started to explore new styles and a variety of subjects including everyday objects, childhood memories and landscapes.  She also created a new line of greetings cards as a lock down project with her eldest son.

Whilst Helen had started to sell more of her art, she had always wanted to make more money from it but self-doubt and nerves held her back.  She joined the Find your Mojo in 14 Days Challenge and just 10 days into the challenge, she turned a new  idea of painting personalised house portraits into reality and started getting commissions.





I developed the Find your Mojo Challenge after experiencing extreme fear and anxiety at the start of lock down, when most of my regular corporate client work disappeared overnight. I used the toolkit I had as a coach to get moving and take action.


Feeling more buoyant and calm, I then used these learnings to innovate and develop the MOJO Method, which aims to help people and organisations navigate the chaos and disruption brought about by the pandemic so that they can bounce back productively, effectively and healthily.


It uses a four-part framework that helps people find their Motivation and focus and helps them to sustain it; Overcome obstacles – those internal and external obstacles that prevent you from taking action; Joyful possibilities – enabling you to move from negativity to possibility and positivity and Oomph – finding your energy to become a consistent action taker.


Says Helen: ‘I was interested in the Mojo Challenge but thought I just didn’t have the time. But I took a leap of faith. And I’m glad I did. I’d been nervous about selling and making money from my art.  I’d had an idea to paint portraits of peoples houses and to turn these into personalised Christmas Cards. I used the challenge to give me the confidence and momentum to just do it. I followed the MOJO method and the trainings. From day one of the challenge I could not believe how much better, clearer, organised and fired up I felt. I was amazed at how by being aware of the things that were holding me back and making a few little changes,what a difference it made. That was a gamechanger. I now feel like a different person with so much more energy, confidence and positivity. I feel that I can take on many more challenges that I would have previously shied away from.’


Others to benefit from the Mojo Challenge include Diane Moore, an events coordinator. Her company wanted to support staff during the pandemic and funded her place.


Says Diane, ‘Like many I’ve been juggling working from home with family life through the pandemic and it’s not been easy. I’ve always been a keen runner. Before the pandemic, I used to be able to run 15k on most days. I’ve run a marathon without stopping and went on to run an ultra…. but recently I’d lost my energy and motivation. I struggled to run a mile without stopping.   Just a few days into the Mojo Challenge I ran 4.5k non-stop and by the end of the 14 days I’d managed 10k.  All with a positive mindset and getting rid of that little voice inside of my head that kept telling me to stop.  One of my friends said she’d noticed I’d got my Mojo back.  I also feel better organised around daily life and despite some recent difficult personal circumstances, I’m getting better at being optimistic and positive each day’



Julie Sinclair, an HR professional who works for a global supply chain and logistics company describes the mojo challenge as ‘life changing’.  Working in HR and in supply chain logistics during the pandemic has meant long hours for those businesses and the people that work in them.  Says Julie: ‘It’s been an exhausting time for our industry, our people and the HR profession.  The Mojo Challenge has given me the tools to help me navigate and cope with the day to day pressures and challenges of this pandemic. I’ve recommended it to others.’



Maureen Hutchinson, a single mum with an 8 year old son, a busy job in the NHS and a carer to her parents joined the Mojo Challenge because she wanted to be able to better manage home and work life, be more organised and improve her sleep patterns. She described how at times she felt like she wasn’t doing enough or being enough at work and home.  Says Maureen: ‘I’ve really enjoyed the challenge. I’ve learned some really interesting, easy and simple tools that have helped me feel better by making slight changes to my routine. I’ve learned how I don’t need to put pressure on myself and that I’m doing the best I can at such an odd time.  The mojo challenge has made me think differently and I realise I am doing enough and I deserve time out for me too.’




The Find your Mojo Challenge has attracted people from around the world with participants from South Africa, Singapore, Australia as well the UK.  They include single, working mums, busy executives and those who have recently been made redundant as a result of the pandemic.



The Mojo Challenge is brilliant for those people who are tired of worrying , whether that’s because their business has been struggling, they’ve been made redundant or they’re simply exhausted by keeping too many plates spinning.   When you sign up you will meet others in the Mojo Tribe who are in a similar position.   With me as a guide, we will work together to set the result you want to achieve by the end of the 14 days.  You’ll also take part in fun daily tasks designed to lift you and refill your mojo cup. The Mojo Tribe that you’ll be part of will provide encouragement and help keep you accountable.


The 14-day challenge involves daily trainings, coaching and practices in a private on online community.


To find out more or sign up for the next 14-day Mojo Challenge starting Monday 26 October 2020, please visit https://bit.ly/mojochallenge14 or email me jo@pacedevelopment.co.uk


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